Girls Gone Wild


Girls Gone wild

Rateing: 18

Description: What Happens when Sian and Sophie take a trip to the beach.


“Were going to the beach, beach, beach were going to the beach, beach, beach” Sophie Sang as she ran around the room, collecting all her clothes and towels ready for going to the beach,

“Sophie HURRY UP!!” Sian shouted from downstairs, she had been ready for the past half and hour and Sophie was still messing around “God knows what’s she’s up to” Sian thought as she walked off towards the kitchen

“HANG ON!” Sophie shouted from the bedroom as she placed the last item in her small bag and picked it up swinging it on her shoulder as she did so “I’m am ready!” Sophie grinned happily as she walked downstairs “BAABEEE!” Sophie shouted from the bottom of the stairs

“Yess?” Sian chuckled as she walked around the corner to see Sophie stood in her shorts and tank top

“I said I’m ready” Sophie smiled lightly as she leaned in and pecked Sian softly on the lips

“Finally” Sian grinned as she pulled away and tapped her girlfriend lightly on the bum before running of towards the front door

“What you mean Finally” Sophie looked confused as she herself walked towards the front door in toe of Sian

“I mean FINALLY!” Sian chuckled as she opened the door for her girlfriend allowing her to walk out first

“Babe, I was five minutes seriously, you need to chill out” Sophie giggled lightly as she walked down the path towards the car

“FIVE minutes!” Sian groaned as she also walked out the front door, closing it and locking it behind her “FIVE MINTUES!” Sian thought aloud as she followed Sophie down the path towards the car

“Yes Sian Five minutes, no need to keep repeating yourself” Sophie chuckled as she opened the boot with the car key, placing her stuff in the boot as she did so

“Sophie you were NOT five minutes” Sian laughed as she joined her girlfriend at the boot of the car

“Oh aye?” Sophie laughed as she took Sians small bag of her and placed it in the boot of the car

“Yes, Sophie you were more like half and half!” Sian giggled “Look” Sian said as she pointed at her watch “SEE half and hour Sophie not Five minutes” Sian laughed aloud as Sophie pulled a confused face at Sians watch

“I Swear it was five minetues Sophie said confused “Well what ever enough of this lets get going!” Sophie smiled happily as she closed the boot of the car and made her way to the drivers side

“Sophie” Sian said softly as she watched her girlfriend getting in the drivers side

“Yes babe?” Sophie replied

“I do love you” Sian giggled as she ran to the passenger side of the car and got in as she did so

“I love you to” Sophie smiled as she sat down in her seat, putting her seatbelt on as she did so

“Oh my godddddddd” Sian groaned as she shuffled around on her seat “We been stuck in this traffic for over and hour Sophie!” Sian was one to hate been stuck in traffic she got always got so bored, where as Sophie didn’t really mind

“Babe we have not been hear over and hour, more like twenty minutes” Sophie chuckled at her frustrated girlfriend

“God sake whose idea was it to go to the beach anyway” Sian huffed

“Babe Chill out we be there in ten minuets I promise” Sophie chuckled, as she looked over at her girlfriend who now seemed to be sulking like a four year old who cant get there own way “Not my fault were stook in traffic babe” Sophie giggled trying to lighten her girlfriends mood up

“Well if we left when we was supposed to we coulda missed all this traffic” Sian shot back

“Babe Chill out a little, its not my fault I take time to prepare” Sophie chuckled “And I know you hate been stuck in traffic and ima sorry that we are” Sophie smiled lightly at her girlfriend

“No I should be the one whose sorry, I Shouldn’t take it out on you” Sian smiled at Sophie

“Like I said babe its okay, and we be there in ten anyway so its all good” Sophie giggled as she leant over and gave her girlfriend a quick peck on the lips before the traffic moved off again

“Finally!” Sian huffed as she got out the car and walked towards the boot “Ten minutes my ass it was fucking an hour Sophie” Sian huffed as she opened the boot

“Baby, you need to chill were hear aren’t we” Sophie giggled as she also got out the car and followed Sian towards the boot of the car

“Chill don’t tell me to chill!” Sian groaned as grabbed her bags from the boot of the car handing one over to Sophie as she did so

“Seriously chill baby were hear now aren’t we do stop getting your knickers in a twist and come and find the best sun spot with me” Sophie smiled as she closed the boot and locked the car with the button on the keys

“Ohhh fine” Sian groaned as she followed up behind her very sexy girlfriend

“OH my god hear is perfect” Sophie said squealing as she threw down her towel on the soft golden sand along with the heavy bag she had been carrying on her shoulder

“Yeah it does don’t it” Sian replied as she also did the same as Sophie

“Hmmmmm” Sophie pondered “Something missing, Oh I know” Sophie moved her hand down her body “This” Sophie said as she pulled off her shorts to relived a red binki bottom

Sians breathe hitched in a throat “Ermmmmmm” Sian said as she stared at her very sexy girlfriend

“Oh dammit” Sophie grumbled as she tried to remove her T-shirt but some how got to stuck doing it,

“Oh come hear” Sian said softly as she stood up to help her girlfriend out her T-shirt which would have been made easy but for the fact Sophie kept wriggling around it made it so much harder “Bloody hell Sophie stand still” Sian giggled as she pressed against her girlfriends body trying to remove the T-shirt

“Do you know how dark it is in hear” Sophie grumbled with the T-shirt finally coming off, but Sophie lost her footing a fell backwards onto the soft sand taking Sian down with her “Gosh Sian if you wanted to be on top of me you only had to ask sexy” Sophie moaned as she felt Sians body move on top off her, it was turning her on, Sian looked down at her girlfriend she could tell Sophie was getting turned on by the way she bit her lip and wriggled beneath her, with that Sian moved closer to Sophie kissing her softly at first but then soon let her tongue slip past Sophie’s mouth, so now both there tongues where dancing together until air became a need

“Mmmmmmm” Sian moaned as she leaned up and looked straight into her girlfriends eyes

“Wow” Sophie puffed a breath of air out “Babe your so hot!” Sophie groaned as she let her hands wonder down Sians perfect body, lifting up Sians T-shirt as she did So, “Lets see what you got on underneath hear sexyy” Sophie playfully said as she removed Sians top in a quick movement to reeval a black lacy bra bikini top “OH MY GOD” Sophie moaned as she stared at her girlfriends chest

“You like?” Sian giggled at the fact her girlfriend was blantly staring at her boobs

“Yeah I LOVE IT!” Sophie shouted not caring who heard, with that she let her hands slowly trail down her girlfriends body again this time taking Sians shorts off to revealed the matching bikini bottoms “Mmmmmmmm” Sophie moaned “Your sooooo sexyyy!” Sophie grumbled as she began to kiss slowly down Sians neck and collar bone

“What...wha..wh...w” you doing Sian stuttered as she felt the pleasure ripple through her body “” Sian mumbled as she felt Sophie begin to suck slowly on her collarbone “Where’re on a beach” Sian finally managed to get some words out

“I don’t care!” Sophie growled as she began sucking and kissing along Sians neck and back up again nibbling slowly on her ear as she did so

“mmmmmmmm” Sian groaned as she felt Sophie’s hand move slowly down her body, her body rippling with pleasure she really wanted to feel Sophie’s fingers inside her, she didn’t care she was on a beach she wanted Sophie and she wanted her NOW

“Sophie slowly let her hand move down past Sians bikini bottoms and rubbed her finger against Sians clit

“” Sian moaned as she felt Sophie’s finger rub against her clit in circler motion, Sophie continued to suck and kiss along Sians neck before moving futher down Sians chest and moved her left arm around the back off sian and undoing her bikini top

“OOOPPS” Sophie giggled as she watched Sians top fall off onto the golden sand, with that Sophie kissed all the way down Sians chest and began to kiss along her boob taking one of her nipples in her mouth and sucking gently on it till it was hard in her mouth

“Babeeeeee” Sian groaned as the pleasure over took her, she could feel Sophie’s hand rub on her clit it was making her wet and she didnt care how loud she was, she wanted Sophie and she wanted her now, but suddenly Sophie stopped all movements “What....what you doing” Sian moaned as she felt the frustration with in her build up

“Durrr gotta put my sun cream on don’t I” Sophie giggled as she shoved Sian off her and grabbed the sun cream

“Soph!” Sian groaned as she stared at Sophie as she began to slowly put her sun cream on she seemed to be going really slow on purpose “Tease” Sian muttered as she watched a light smile a appear on Sophie’s face, with that Sian grabbed the bottle of sun cream and threw it behind them, “I think you have enough already” Sian groaned as she pushed Sophie back down onto the towels, causing Sophie to groan in delight

“Wow” Sophie mumbled as she felt Sian begin to franticly kiss her neck “Siaannnn” Sophie moaned as she felt Sians hand pass her bikini top and beginning to rub slowly on her boob “What’s got into you” Sophie groaned as she felt Sian put pressure between her legs

“You” Sian replied quickly

“Okayy that’s hot” Sophie grumbled as she felt Sian kiss along her neck and now trailing down her collarbone and chest, with that movement Sophie began to slowly suck slowly on Sians exposed breast

“oh my god babeee” Sian groaned as she stoped her movement and felt Sophie flip them over So now Sophie was on top of her “Wow” Sian groaned as she felt Sophie kiss down her stomach and along the line of her bikini bottoms the wetness between her legs increasing “Pleaseee” Sian groaned She needed to feel Sophie’s fingers deep inside her before she exploded

“Please what” Sophie teased as she began to suck slowly on Sians left breast

“Sophieee please” Sian groaned she seriously needed to feel her girlfriends fingers inside her soon before exploded the wetness and heat between her legs was crazy now

“Nott to you say what” Sophie teased again as she this time sucked slowly on Sians right breast

“FUCK ME” Sian shouted desprately needing to feel Sophie’s fingers inside her

“Your sooo hot when your demanding sexyyy” Sophie groaned as she let her hand slip past Sians knickers frist gently rubbing slowly on Sians clit “What did you say you wanted me to do sexyyy?” Sophie purred

“Sophieeeee” Sian groaned as the pleasure of her girlfriend sucking on her boob and rubbing her clit rippled through her

“Not till you sayy sexyy” Sophie continued with her teasing

“FUCK ME” Sian shouted again needing to feel her girlfriends fingers inside

“Mmmmmm” Sophie groaned as her fingers slipped past Sians clit to now slowly enterd Sian

“Ohhh GOD right there sexyyy” Sian groaned as she felt Sophie begin to fuck her slowly “goddd your sooooo good at that sexyy” Sian groaned “mmmmmm” Sian groaned as she felt Sophie pick up her pace, “SOPHIEEEEE!!” Sian screamed loudly as Sophies fingers increased pace fucking her harder and faster

“Shush Sian were on a beach” Sophie giggled as she moved to kiss her girlfriend on the lips using her tongue as she did so, Both Sian and Sophie moaned into the kiss

“FUCK SOPHIE!!” Sian screamed as she felt herself becoming closer to the edge “Harder Sophie I’m nearly thereee” Sian moaned as she felt Sophie push her fingers in harder

“Come for me Sexyyy” Sophie mumbled

“SOPHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” Sian screamed at the top of her lungs, Sophie felt Sians juices slip down her fingers,

“Mmmmmmmmmm” Sophie moaned as she tasted her girlfriend on her fingers “You taste so good” Sophie smiled as she looked at Sian who was completely zoned out

“Wooooooooooooooooooooooow” That was good Sian whisperd as she looked at her girlfriend in her eyes

“Only the best for you sexy” Sophie giggled as she leaned in and placed a passionate kiss on her girlfriends lips

“I LOVE YOU!” Sian shouted as she kissed her girlfriend on her lips

“Love you too” Sophie giggled as she responded to the kiss

“My god on a beach Sophie” Sian giggled “What do you do to me” Sian laughed as she playfully Slapped her girlfriend on her arm

“I cant help my self you just so sexy” Sophie giggled as she once again kissed her girl on the lips.

“I loveee youuu” Sian giggled

“Love you too, ready for round two” Sophie giggled as she leaned back down to her girlfriend


OMG :o look ive wrote a fic haahah NOT done one in ages was bored :P



Baby your my firework One shot
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Me and you are forever Always- One Shot

Title: Me and you are forever Always

Des: What happens after Sian and Sophie have a massive argument?

Rateing: 16+ Due to some strong language

Dedicated to: Lomi Pomi :D <3 (Dont get two drunk ok?) <3

Word Count: 2557




“JUST FUCK OFF!” Sian shouted at the top of her voice, the argument had been going for a while and she really just wished Sophie would get out of her face “YOU NEVER HAVE TIME FOR ME NOW ANYWAYS SO WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE IF YOU FUCK OFF!” Sian hissed

Sophie stood there starring at Sian, she really felt like that, like she had no time for her, she had been working her ass of for Sian, to show how much she loved her....she had gone through so much trouble getting the job in the first place to afford what she had for Sian, yea the hours were shitty so she saw less of Sian say she had no time for her really broke Sophie’s heart

“Sian” Sophie whispered as she looked at her girlfriend tears building up in her eyes,

“WHAT?” Sian retorted clearly still pissed off

“I....I....” Sophie stuttered as she looked at Sian who had her arms folded across her chest like she was in a defensive Stance “Sorry” Sophie whispered sadly she truly was sorry that she hadn’t spent as much time with Sian she really was, but deep down she knew why it had to be done it was for Sian after all

“Sorrys not enough” Sian replied tears building up in her eyes as she turned around to face the kitchen counter, “Not any more” Sian whispered quietly to herself, Sian had enough Sophie was barely around now days and when she was she was to tired to talk and would go straight to bed, it hurt Sian to much she wanted to cuddle Sophie, talk to her be close to her but she couldn’t....Not any more no since Sophie got the managers job for one of the biggest company’s in town.

“Please Sian” Sophie whispered quietly

“Just go” Sian said sternly not making eye contact with the brunette knowing just her eyes would break her

“Sian...” Sophie choked back the tears

“GO!” Sian shouted She spun around to see a very broken brunette

“FINE!” Sophie shouted as she turned around to leave through the door but remembered one thing before she did “YOU KNOW WHY IVE BEEN SO BUSY LATELY SIAN DO YOU!!!?” Sophie screamed at the top of her voice clearly pissed off, Sian stood there shocked she had never seen Sophie act like this before she was usually the quite one in arguments “ILL TELL YOU WHY!” Sophie hissed taking out the small black box out of her pocket “FOR THIS SIAN THATS WHY!” Sophie growled “BUT LOOKS LIKE I DONT NEED IT NO MORE DOES IT!” Sophie sighed as she threw the box on the floor and looking at Sian who seemed to be stood in shock absorbing the words Sophie had told her “I LOVE YOU SIAN SO FUCKING MUCH, BUT OVBIVOSLY THATS NOT ENOUGH...!” Sophie choked through tears, it broke her heart knowing Sian thought her love was not enough “And yea I wasn’t always able to show it....” Sophie sighed as she looked at the blonde....”That’s why I was going to show you...but obviously that ain’t gonna happen now is it...” Sophie said more calmly as she looked at the blonde once more before opening the door “Bye Sian” Sophie whispered quietly as she walked out the door closing it behind her, that’s when Sophie’s heart broke in two, with out Sian she was nothing, the tears began to fall freely from her face....Sophie walked to the only place she could think of, the only place she new where she could end all her pain...because with out Sian she was nothing

Sian stood motionless in the kitchen, she couldn’t believe what she just done....Sophie....her Sophie was she really going to ask her what she thought, Sian Slowly walked slowly over to the small black box that Sophie had threw on the floor, bending down slowly Sian picked up the small black box in her hands and opened it slowly.....Sians breath hitched in her throat when she saw the ring beautiful ring, It must of cost Sophie a fortune, Sian thought as she examined the Diamond ring taking it out of the box and looking at the took her breath away....the small words engraved on the ring “S&S Forever” Was engraved on the inner band of the ring and “Sian your my always” Was engraved on the outside of the rings band....”Oh god” Sian groaned as a tear rolled freely down her face “What have I done!” Sian bolted to her feet putting the ring in her pocket and ran straight to the door she needed to find Sophie and now....

Sophie stare aimlessly at her phone “18miss calls and 10 new messages” Most likely all off Sian Sophie thought as she looked down at the road below, Sophie had some how managed to get her self onto the roof of the main building where she worked, she watched all the people below getting up to there own busyness, People fighting, People kissing, People shopping, and people generally having a good time...Sophie felt her phone beginning to vibrate yet again...another message off Sian, Sophie finally decided to look at some of the messages to see what Sian had to say for her self

Sophie please answer the phone I’m worried about you where are you? Xxx Sian x x x x love you <3 xxxxx” Sophie looked at the first message and deleted it, right love me, love me so much you tell me to fuck off Sophie thought as she looked at the second message

Come on Soph, Please where are you? Loves you so much Sian” Again Sophie deleted the message, love me more like feel sorry for me Sophie thought as she looked over the building again a small crowd had started to appear, she had no clue why but hey why should she care, no one cares about her, Again Sophie looked at Sians third message to me....<3 Sian x” Sophie read the message twice, why should I talk to her Sophie thought, she only tell me to fuck off again in a couple a days Sophie sighed as she deleted the message, Sophie read through the rest of the messages most of them consisting of Sian telling her she loved her and that’s she was really worried about her and asking her where she was “Like I going to tell her” Sophie whispered as she looked over the edge again this time the crowd seemed to have been bigger, Sophie’s phone went off yet again....she looked at her phone “Sian<3babes<3x calling” Came across the screen Sophie had finally had enough and lobed her phone off the roof and watched as it fell and smashed to the ground smashing into a million pieces...

Come on” Sian said frustrated as she tried Sophie’s number yet again but this time the number was going straight through to voice mail, Where are you Sian thought as she ran through the streets hoping wishing she new where Sophie was.....that’s when she heard something she really didn’t want to here, as she watched a crowd of People gossiping

Oh my god have you heard there’s some crazy brunette on top of that building some says she’s some crazy lady” The older guy said as a women looked at him

I know!” The women replied “She’s thrown her phone off and everything some says she’s gonna jump next” the women replied as she looked at the man who was about to reply but was stopped by Sian butting in

What brunette!” Sian said butting in the crowds conversation, Hoping wishing it was not Sophie

I don’t know some says, its the manager of the place, they saying the place has sent her crazy so she’s gonna jump” the man replied shruggin his shoulders

Yea, that’s the people are saying, its the manager for sure, she ran through the place in a complete mess apparently looked a mess, she’s locked her self on the roof no one can get to her” The women replied clearly knowing more of the gossip that had been spreading

Oh god” Sian chocked as she looked at the crowd of people who had gathered to hear the news “I gotta go!” Sian screeched as she ran in the direction of the place Sophie worked hoping wishing she wasn’t to late

Wonder what’s got into her” The man said as he watched the blonde run through the crowds of people

God knows” The women replied “Everyone seems to be going crazy around this place....” the women giggled as they moved on...

Sophie SOPHIE!” Sian shouted as she came to the building she was stood on top off, she looked up to see the brunette close to the edge “please no PLEASE” Sian shouted as she pushed her way past a very large crowd, but was stopped at the front by the police who had boarded off the area,

Sorry Miss you cant go no further I’m afraid” The police officer said firmly as he looked at the blonde

“PLEASE!” Sian shouted “You got to let me past please!” Sian finished

“I’m sorry no one is allowed past this point not till we sort what’s going on here” the police officer said

“FOR GOD sake LET ME PAST!” Sian shouted “ITS MY FUCKING GIRLFRIEND UP THERE! Sian shouted clearly pissed off that the officer was standing in her way, the tears were building up in her eyes, she wouldn’t know what to do with out Sophie...

“I’m Sorryeh Miss rules are rules” He stated firmly

“PLEASE OFFICER PLEASE!” Sian said as she began to completely break down “I need her....” she whispered sadly as the officer looked at her sadly....he nodded slowly

“Fine, on these terms...I didn’t let you past okay?” The officer smiled as she moved the tape for Sian she ran straight past it as fast as her legs could carry after thanking the officer,

“Come on!” Sian shouted as she pressed the button for the lift that clearly wasn’t working right now “Fuck it” Sian moaned as she ran up countless flights of stairs finally reaching the top, but now one obstacle stood in her way, and locked flaming door....”Fuck it...” Sian ran at the door charging it with her shoulder smashing the door clean open....Sophie heard the sound behind her...”Go away” Sophie said not knowing who was behind her yet...”I’m warning ya if you come any closer I’m gonna jump” Sophie said sternly as Sian stood in shock

“Sophie...” Sian whispered quietly, Sophie instantly reconzied the voice...”Sian” Sophie whispered as a small tear rolled down her face “How did you find me” Sophie whispered....she just wished Sian hadn’t of found her, it hurt her to much

“The whole flaming towns talking about you Sophie” Sian replied as she watched Sophie stare down at the crowds below

“Don’t know why....what’s so good about me eh?” Sophie whispered “I’m just a looser, who cant even love her girlfriend enough” Sophie sighed as another tear rolled down her face, it hurt her so much knowing Sian had thought just her love was not enough...

“Sophie...” Sian whispered “Don’t say that, you mean everything to me so much Sophie” Sian whispered as she slowly got closer to Sophie, Which Sophie sensed

“DONT” Sophie said sternly “Don’t come any closer” Sophie sighed “Please...just go away, like everyone else has in my life” Sophie said tearfully, the pain came back the pain of her father leaving for another women those years ago, the pain of her mum dyeing in a horrific car crash, and now the pain of knowing Sian doesn’t feel the same way...

“Soph” Sian whispered “Don’t say that” she whispered quietly “I love you for god sake” Sian said sternly

“So much you told me to fuck off Sian” Sophie retorted “So that’s what I’m doing fucking off, getting out your life for good” Sophie said edging closer to the building edge

“DONT!” Sian shouted, seeing Sophie getting closer “PLEASE” Sian cried “I LOVE YOU SO GOD DAM MUCH!” Sian shouted at the top of her lungs “PLEASE DONT” Sian shouted again...

“Go away Sian” Sophie hissed “Please” Sophie cried the tears running freely down her face “I love you so much, Sian, So god dam much it hurts, it hurts to breath sometimes, it hurts to think that you don’t think I have time for you, when I try Sian, I try my best, I was even going to ask you to marry me for god sake Sian that’s how much I loved you...” Sophie cried as she collapsed to her knees

“I See that now, I see that I’ve been a bitch lately, I know it please Sophie just don’t jump it would kill me” Sian said as the tears rolled down her face, she edged closer to Sophie as she did so “And about that question....its a yes...” Sian smiled softly as Sophie spun around to look at her in confusion

“What?” Sophie said shocked

“Sophie Webster, I Do!” Sian smiled softly as Sophie’s face went from shock to what seemed like pure happiness

“You do?” Sophie chocked her heart beating a ten to a dozen

“I do” Sian smiled softly as walked over to Sophie kneeling next to her “I love you so much Sophie Webster and will happily take you as my wife” Sian smiled softly as she took the ring out of her pocket and placed it in Sophie’s hand “Will you do me the honour?” Sian smiled as she watched Sophie Place the ring of her finger

“I love you So much Sian powers” Sophie whispered as she leaned Closer to the blonde crashing her lips close to hers

“I love you two” Sian smiled into the kiss, She could here the sound of cheers from the crowds below who had obviously been listening to what was going on “Don’t ever leave me again” Sian whispered as she broke the kiss

“I wont” Sophie smiled as she leaned in to give Sian one of the most passionate loved filled kisses she had ever had in her life “Me and you are forever” Sophie smiled softly as she broke the kiss and touched Sians cheek

“Me and you are forever” Sian repeated smiling like an idiot......


Woo a very strange one shot dont ask me where it came from my werid head of mine!? Lol :D anyways darknight will be updated soon so dont fret lol!

DarkNight Chapter 4


Darknight Chapter 4

Dedicated to: <3 Get well soon Lomi Pomi <3

Description: What Happens Will Sophie Survive?

Word Count: 3559

Rating: 16+ Strong language!




“Sian” Sophie whispered her eyes turning jet black, causing Chloe to smash through the nearest tree, Sophie Flashed to her feet and darted over towards where Chloe was regaining her composure “DIE BITCH!” Sophie growled her eyes darking further and her fangs gleaming whiter then they had before, she grabbed Chloe throwing her into another tree close bye. “You have Pissed of the wrong vampire girl!” Sophie growled as she flashed over to where Chloe was grabbing her by the scruff of the neck and smashing her hard in the ground, she was about to repeat her movement until she heard Sian whisper her name

“Soph” Sian whispered..which caused Sophie to make sudden eye contact with Sian her eyes softening from the jet black to a more normal state, Meanwhile Chloe was regaining her composure yet again getting back to her feet, she saw her chance to attack again, Charging straight for Sophie with out thinking, Sian watched on in horror as the werewolf was making a move on the weakened Sophie

“I don’t think so” Sophie smiled smugly sensing Chloe behind her, Sophie’s eyes turned jet black again, before Chloe even had chance to pounce on Sophie’s back she once again flew back hard into a near by tree. “When will this bitch give up” Sophie giggled as she turned around and flashed to Chloes side Chloe, kneeling down next to the weakened Chloe soon tried to swipe her with her paw but Sophie grabbed it in her hand not hard not enough to break it “I don’t think so” Sophie giggled as she looked at the helpless Chloe, who was struggling to get her self up “Aww looks like the lil wolfey has out done her self don’t you?” Sophie smirked as she looked at Chloe trying to get her self up but was failing to do so, “Well I can help you with that?” Sophie smiled as she leaned down and pulled Chloe up by the scruff of her neck putting her on her feet “Much better” Sophie giggled as she looked at Chloe who seemed like she was giving up “Well” Sophie smiled as she turned around to Sian Who looking at her in pure shock, “I think we know who’s won here don’t you?” Sophie looked at Sian in her eyes, Sian noticed Sophie’s eyes softening again instantly, she didn’t know how to reply she had never seen a vampire take a werewolf like that never mind a one day old vampire....

“Lets get outta here” Sian offered, as the girls were still holding eye contact, they didn’t realise that Chloe who had now managed to gain back a lot of her composure was making her way slowly towards Sian, Sophie was to busy focusing on Sians eyes to notice that the werewolf had moved, she was lost in those eyes, those sparkling blue eyes that she could easily get lost in, especially when the bright moon made them look so much better, “Wow” Sophie breathed as she continued to look into Sians eyes, Still not noticing that Chloe had sensed the weakness between the girls and was edging closer to Sian, Sian was looking deep into Sophie’s eyes trying to figure out what was going on in that pretty little head of hers, she had noticed that her eyes had now fully softened but couldn’t quite figure out why Sophie was still looking at her, it was like she was frozen in time none of the girls had moved since there eyes had made contact, but that was soon changed....”AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Chloe called out as she pounced towards Sian having gotten close enough easily catching Sian off guard leaving her helpless, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Sophie screamed as her eyes flicked jet black, she flashed over to Sian without even thinking about it grabbing Chloe by the neck and plunging her fangs into her throat ripping it clean off as she pulled away, and letting go of the now lifeless body as she did so. Sophie looked at the now changing Werewolf body before her “Shit” Sophie thought, as she looked at the now brunette who she met in the bar lying on the floor with her throat ripped out, “What have I done!” Sophie shouted her eyes flicking back to normal and tears building up in them as she looked up to Sian who’s face was full of shock, “What have I become...” Sophie cried as she keeled down at the brunettes side as the realisation of killing someone kicked in,

“Its was self defence Sophie” Sian whispered as she keeled down next to the distraught young vampire

“Its still doesn’t change the fact I’ve killed someone” Sophie cried as she moved the brunettes hair behind her ear looking at her helplessly

“Sophie she tried to kill you first for god sake!” Sian argued trying to get through to her

“I KNOW!” Sophie shouted as she flashed to her feet looking at Sian with fear anger, and another one Sian couldn’t quite figure out

“Its okay Sophie, everything’s going to be okay” Sian said trying to reassure the insure young vampire in front of her

“OKAY!” Sophie shouted as she paced around “IVE BLOODY killed someone Sian how is everything going to be okay!” Sophie sighed as she stopped pacing and looked at the blonde who was now by her side

“Cause you got me to help you” Sian smiled as Sophie looked at her

“It still don’t changed the fact that I’m a killer.....because of you...” Sophie cried as she darted off away from Sian she couldn’t take it in she couldn’t take in the fact that she was turned into a vampire. Lost her sister and has now killed someone all in one day, she had to get away as far away as she could from Sian....she couldn’t stand her right now it just confused her even more cause deep down she couldn’t face been away from Sian but right now her head was telling her otherwise...

“SOPHIE!” Sian called out as she watched the brunette Disappear in a blur, “Great” Sian sighed as she keeled down next the brunette “What am I going to do with you eh?” Sian sighed as she looked over the brunettes body, she thought about how Sophie had saved her from her, and how Sophie could take down a werewolf after only been turned the day before, “She’s strong I know that” Sian thought as she dumped the brunettes body in a whole and covering it with mud, before darting away in the direction she saw Sophie leave “Please don’t be there” Sian sighed as she thought about where Sophie would of gone

Sophie sat crying on the sofa in the dark she didn’t know what to think, her head was so messed up right now she was so confused, Maybe Sian was right it was made better by the fact she killed Chloe out of self defence but on the other hand it still doesn’t change the fact that she killed someone. The lights soon flashed causing Sophie to look up in the direction of the door

“ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGH!” Rosie screamed as she looked at the strange women sat on her coach “HELP HELP HELP!” Rosie cried over and over again as Sophie looked at her helplessly remembering that her sister had no clue who was any more “HELPP HELP HELP!” Rosie continued to shout as she looked at the strange brunette in her house, who looked like she had been crying which softened her up a bit she never liked to see someone cry “Are you alright?” Rosie suddenly said as she looked at the brunette on her sofa who had her hand in her head

“Not really no” Sophie cried as she felt the presence of her sister “well was her sister” next to her, she always knew how to make her feel better and seemed to still have this about her even though they technically weren’t sisters any-more.

“Well what’s up?” Rosie said completely forgetting about that the fact there was a strange brunette girl sat in her house crying her eyes out

“You wouldn’t understand” Sophie mumbled into her hands, she really wasn’t going to scare the wits out off Rosie telling her the story of how she’s now a vampire and how the fact she just killed someone

“Nothing Right I can so tell that..” Rosie giggled as she nudged Sophie who managed to crack a small smile into her hands “Is it over some boy?” Rosie smiled, Still the same old Rosie Sophie thought always thinking about boys and eveytime someone cried she thought it was over some boy

“No Exactly” Sophie said as she lifted her head up to make eye contact with Rosie who had now seemed to take to the fact that this stranger was doing no harm

“A girl?” Rosie questioned she didn’t know why she said it, but it just came out of her mouth and well she had nothing about people been gay so it was a simple question

“Not exactly either” Sophie whispered knowing that it was kinda to do with a girl but she couldn’t deal with her growing feelings for Sian right now it really wasn’t the place

“Well then what is it?” Rosie smiled as she looked Sophie with a grin

“You know when something changes major in your life?” Sophie smiled half-heartedly

“Yea...” Rosie said sadly and she remembered her parents dyeing in a car crash she had felt alone ever since

“Well basically its something like that....” Sophie said sadly as she looked at the older brunette wishing she was still her sister

“Awww It cant be as bad as loosing your parents” Rosie said sadly her heart aching, causing Sophie’s to ache to knowing the fact that her parents were Rosie’s to and knew what she was going through

“I’m assure you it can....” Sophie sighed as she stood up, not wanting to get close to Rosie missing her sisterly bond with her

“Well if it can then what is it?” Rosie said confused

“Nothing...” Sophie sighed, she really didn’t want to tell her not now she was a stranger to her

“Well if it was nothing why on earth were you balling your eyes out on the sofa in my house?” Rosie stated starting to get a little bit annoyed “and saying that I don’t even know you bloody name” Rosie huffed

“The Names Sophie...” Sophie sighed “And its was nothing ok...” Sophie began to make her way towards the door

“Oh that’s it you SOPHIE!” Rosie shouted, she had a strange feeling when she said her name like she heard it before like she some how new her “you just get up and leave after coming into my house crying and telling me there’s nothing wrong” Rosie sighed as she slouched down into the chair

“I’m sorry” Sophie whispered as she went to open the door to leave

“DONT YOU DARE LEAVE!” Rosie shouted as she stood up anger suddenly taking over her “You got some explaining to do Sophie why the fuck and how the fuck did you get in my house when it was locked!” Rosie shouted as she made her way over to Sophie who had now got her head on the door trying to control her anger....and inner vampire Sophie didnt reply but kept her head down trying to control her self

“OH SO NOW YOUR GOING SILENT!” Rosie ranted as she looked over at the brunette who seemed to be slouched against the door “SO YOU COME BARGEING INTO MY FUCKING HOUSE, STEALING THINGS MOST LIKELY, START CRYING ON MY SOFA AND TELL ME THERES NOTHING FUCKING WRONG AND TRY AND LEAVE!” Rosie Shouted, Sophie by name was biting her lip trying to control the burning anger inside her she wanted to tell Rosie who she was she wanted to tell Rosie why she was in the house but she couldn’t and now she was starting to feel angry...angry for the fact that what Sian had done to her, Angry at the fact she lost her sister because of it, angry at the fact she killed someone and angry at the fact she someone how wished Sian would just come and help her save her and tell her everything was going to be okay

“FINE! DONT SPEAK YOU BE SPEAKING TO THE POILCE INSTEAD!” Rosie bellowed as she made her way over to the phone

“NO!” Sophie shouted as she flashed over next to Rosie gripping the hand Rosie had the phone in to stop her phoning the police...

“What the fuck....” Rosie said confused as she tried to figure out how Sophie got next to her so fast

“NO police...” Sophie said with fear in her voice

“Sophie your hurting me....” Rosie groaned as her hand felt like it was going to snap off any minute

“Sorry” Sophie said softly as she let go of Rosie’s hand and moved away

“How the fuck did you do that by the way” Rosie questioned Sophie who had now turned her back to her

“Do what?” Sophie asked innocently

“Don’t play that game with me you know exactly what I’m on about Sophie” Rosie said as she placed the phone down on the counter and looked at Sophie

“I’m fast runner?” Sophie lied hoping that Rosie was dump enough to believe her

“I know some bloody fast runners in my life Sophie but not that fast so what was it?” Rosie asked again

“You wonderland understand” Sophie admitted as she tried to think of a way to divert this conversation coming up

“Try me” Rosie smiled lightly as she waited upon the answer

“I cant....” Sophie sighed still with her back to Rosie

“Why not?” Rosie asked confused

“Its complicated” Sophie sighed

“Oh don’t give me its complicated speech” Rosie sighed “Just tell me!” Rosie argued “Oh great so your doing the silent treatment on me again, fine” Rosie said annoyed as she picked up the phone again and began typing in the 999..Which Sophie didn’t let go unnoticed and was at Rosie’s side again slamming the phone on the side

“I said NO police” Sophie growled trying to not get to worked up,

“Ha like I’m gonna listen to you Sophie your some stranger!” Rosie smiled as she picked up the phone again

“Stop it” Sophie said through gritted teeth her inner vampire close to bursting out

“Make me” Rosie laughed as picked up the phone again and began to dial 999 again, this left Sophie no choice she wanted to know what she was, she was gonna find out

“FINE!” Sophie growled as she pulled the phone out of Rosie’s hand and slammed her against the wall her fangs now fully out her eyes darking a little “Happy now!” Sophie growled as she looked at Rosie who’s eyes where now full of fear, but she couldn’t quite read the other feeling in her eyes it was like she knew something she didn’t “You wanted to know” Sophie growled as she pushed Rosie harder against the wall “You kept winding me up going on at me” Sophie vented as she looked at Rosie who was still silent “So I showed you!” Sophie growled as her anger had now turned to thirst she had the urge to drink.....the blood was calling her “And now look what you done!” Sophie sighed trying to think of everything but the urge to drink

“Its okay Sophie” Rosie whispered “Its okay” Rosie whispered again more softer this time

“OKAY!” Sophie shouted letting go of Rosie “HAVE YOU NOT SEEN WHAT I AM!” Sophie said before flashing to the other side of the room to stop her self from attacking Rosie she needed to drink and really could easily drink Rosie’s blood right now

“Its fine really..” Rosie said softly as she moved over the room towards Sophie

“DONT” Sophie said tearly “Please don’t come any closer Rosie” Sophie said softly as she turned around to see the brunette look shocked at her

“ you know my name?” Rosie said confused as she took a step closer to Sophie

“I said don’t” Sophie whispered as she looked at the brunette right in the eyes “Please...” She whispered as a tear rolled down her face, “Please...” She whispered again as Rosie took another step closer..

“Sophie...” Rosie said softly as she was now close enough to put her hand onto her cheek “The Name its.....I remember it.....your name its so familiar I just cant remember why...” Rosie said thoughtfully as she looked deep into the brunettes blue eyes...

“Please....” Sophie cried “Please don’t do this to me” All the pain of loosing her sister was hitting home again

“Do what Sophie?” Rosie said softly as her eyes remained contact with Sophie’s and her hand made her way to Sophie’s fangs,

“I cant do this any-more” Sophie sighed as a tear rolled down her cheek “I cant Rosie it hurts to much” Sophie whispered as Rosie hand grazed Sophie’s small white fangs

“You know my name....I remember....Sophie....” Rosie said slightly shocked

“Remember what?” Sophie responded as she looked at her sister in the eyes

“You Sophie I remember you, I remember everything....that’s....that’s....why you know my name....” Rosie said taking a step back from the brunette “It was you....” Rosie said fear building up in her eyes, you did this to me Rosie said as she removed the white scarf that hung lightly around her neck, to realise a rather manky looking bite mark, Sophie looked at Rosie confused She never caused that, when she left that night the wound she caused had healed...

“No.....that wasn’t me I swear....” Sophie said softly as Rosie must of remembered bits of her attacking her and jumped to the first conclusion dam vampires and wiping of the memory

“DONT LIE SOPHIE COME TO FINISH THE JOB HAVE WE?” Rosie shouted as she looked at Sophie in the eyes

“No please, PLEASE believe me it was not me who did that to you, I swear on my life Rosie, I would never do that to you aga....” Sophie stopped before she finished the sentence it would of sounded so wrong to Rosie like she had in fact caused that wound

“Do what me me.......again were you gonna say again!” Rosie hissed as she looked at Sophie in the eyes “So it was you, you cant deny it!” Rosie shouted as she looked at the brunette who seemed to be now pacing up and down

“NO!” Sophie snapped “IT wasn’t me, its complicated, but it wasn’t me I swear” Sophie cried as she looked at Rosie

“right SO WHO THE FUCK DID THIS TO ME THEN THE FAIRY GOD MOTHER!” Rosie snapped back as she pointed to the bite mark on her neck

“PLEASE believe me it wasn’t me and would never do ANYTHING to hurt you!” Sophie cried as she looked at the brunette dead in the eye hoping, that maybe there was still a small amount of sisterly bound left in her sister to let her know it wasn’t her and that she would never do a thing like that again

“For some reason...” Rosie said softly “I believe that is true.....” Rosie said softly “But I don’t know why....” Rosie said confused,

“I’m sorry...” Sophie said softly as a tear rolled down her face “I’ve gotta go” Sophie cried as she flashed to the door stopping at the door and looking at her sister one more time “I love you never forget that yea?” Sophie said softly as she opened the door and flashed into the dark night leaving Rosie dumbstruck....not having a clue why she had said that....but for some reason some where she also felt love for the young brunette vampire and she wasn’t going to let it go.....


Pretty long chapter I was going to make it longer but I thought this be a nice place to leave it :D, next chapter will be from Sians pov? :D cause this is mainly from Sophie, So next chapter will Show what Sian was up to feeling when shes looking for Sophie, which will then lead into more :D.....

DarkNight Chapter 3!

Darknight Chapter 3

Dedicated to: <3 The Drunken Mess also known as Lomi Pomi <3

Description: What Happens When Sophie runs off from Sian, and goes partying at a club?

Word Count: 2445

Rating: 16+ Strong language!




“Okay Sophie” Sian said softly as she stood up from Rosie who was now in a complete daze, “Soph?” Sian spun around to see that the brunette had disappeared, “Fuck” Sian growled as she turned around to see the door wide open but no brunette “I should a know...” Sian whispered as she checked to see if Rosie was going to be okay before running out the door within a flash, Sian could sense Sophie but it was weak so had to follow the trail, Hoping it would lead her to the brunette

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Sophie who had now had got changed into a short black dress her hair wavy falling down her shoulders “Suppose been a vampires not all that bad” Sophie smiled as she remembered breaking into the dress store and stealing the dress she had wanted for ages, “Now its time to party!” Sophie thought as she looked at the club in front of her and made her way to the entrance

“ID please” The bouncer boomed, he was pretty big, but was no match for Sophie now she was a vampire,

“Okay” Sophie smiled as she caught his eye contact, “Your going to let me in, and the rest who are behind me okay?” Sophie smiled as she watched his eyes widened and him nod in agreement “Now that’s a good little bouncer” Sophie smiled as she watched her remove the cord and let her in as well as the rest of the line behind her, as soon as Sophie entered the club the music boomed around her, people were dancing crazily on the dance floor, “This could be interesting” Sophie smiled as she made her way over to the bar sitting down on one of the high stalls as she did so,

“Hey” The bartender smiled as she caught eye contract with Sophie

“Heyy” Sophie smiled devilishly, she was pretty hot Long blonde curly hair and piercing green eyes

“So What can I get you hot stuff?” The blonde smiled as she remained eye contact with the mysterious brunette

“Well” Sophie smiled “How about you get your self a vodka and coke and me one while your at it?” Sophie smiled loving this new ability to make people do what she wanted not that she knew how to do it that well she kinda caught on to it after been caught robbing the black dress and heals to match she kinda figured it out when the police where questioning her, she just told them that she had no clue and that they should just go home to bed and forget about it, yea it was a pretty shit story but well it got the police of her back

“Okay” The brunette replied before walking off into the bar preparing to drinks one for her and one for Sophie, before finishing it and returning to Sophie and placing the drink in front of her “There ya go babe” the blonde smiled happily

“Thanks” Sophie smiled before downing the drink that she was giving “Urgeeee” Sophie grunted it tasted wrank nothing like the warm blood she craved so much “Can I get another?” Sophie called out as she watched the blonde just nod and walk off to make her another drink....

Elsewhere Sian was still on the hunt for the brunette who had run away from her, “For god sake Sophie where are you” Sian growled as she dashed through the thick forests, only to end up at yet another dead end “Urgh!” Sian moaned as she looked at the area around her clearly Sophie was not here now more....Sian closed her eyes trying to sense where Sophie had been last, she once again caught onto another area, and soon head of in pursuit of it....”Please be here Sophie, I wouldn’t know what I would do if anything happened to you” Sian thought as she once again dashed through the thick forest in search of the brunette

Sophie by now had well, had one to many to drink, the craving for blood was still strong, she knew she needed to feed, but deep down she didn’t want to, she didn’t want to cause or put anyone through the pain they would have to injure just for her to feed “Urgh” Sophie slurred as she slammed the glass down on the table, forgetting her strength it smashed between her hands “Whoops” Sophie giggled, looking at the now shattered glass that was laying upon the bar

“Woah There” Came an unfamiliar voice, “No need to go around smashing the glasses what have they done to you Aye?” Came the unfamiliar voice again it was smooth and soft, and rather warming

“I didn’t mean to, like I swear” Sophie slurred as she turned around to be met with the most stunning brunette she’s ever seen, her eyes were crystal blue, her hair fell perfectly at her shoulders, her off the shoulder red dress hugged all the prefect places, “Woaah” Sophie whispered as she looked at the brunette up and down, Sophie suddenly felt hot very hot no one else other then Sian had done this to her, Sian was something else though she felt different around her like the world could swallow her whole and Sian would be there to save her, but right now Sophie didn’t give a fuck about Sian she couldn’t stop starring at the brunette who was in front of her

“Hey to you two then” The brunette giggled as she sat on the stool next to Sophie “So what’s a Hot girl like you doing all on your own in a place like this?” The brunette who still hasn’t got a name asked

“Cant a girl like me sit and have a drink on her own when she feels like it?” Sophie retorted as she looked at the smashed glass that still hadn’t been cleared from the bar

“No cause they can!” The brunette replied “Its just I wouldn’t think a hot girl like you would be alone in a place like this” The brunette smiled as Sophie smiled back warmed by what she said

“Well thanks....” Sophie smiled “Its Sophie by the way” as she put out her hand to shake the other girls hand

“Chloe and nice to meet you Sophie” the brunette smiled as she shook hands With Sophie, Sophie noticed something odd about the girls hand it seemed hotter then anyone’s she had ever come across before but she put that down to the fact she was well dead...and that it was really hot in the club

“Want a drink?” Sophie smiled as she looked at the brunette who seemed to be oddly starring at her “Have I got something on my face or something?” Sophie giggled as she rubbed her face

“No no” Chloe giggled “Its just I’ve never seen someone as hot as you that’s all, cant help me self” Chloe finished, casing Sophie to blush slightly “And about that drink how about we scratch it and take you on that dance floor?” Chloe smiled as she put out her hand hoping Sophie would follow toe, which she did, They both made there way through the crowd hand in hand, till they eventually hit the dance floor, they danced together Sophie grinding Slowly against Chloe body,

“Your not to bad yourself you know” Sophie whispered into Chloes ears causing her to grin from ear to ear, “No really your hot” Sophie giggled the alcohol in her system taking over a bit

“Hey Sophie” Chloe whispered into Sophie ear as they still were dancing closely together,

“Yea?” Sophie replied, she still couldn’t quite believe she was here, the main one was to forget about Rosie the sister, her sister she would never have again

“I saw something cool outside, and I think you will like it” Chloe smiled as she looked at the brunette in her eyes “Wanna go see it?” She asked hopeful

“Sure why not” Sophie replied with out thinking she liked the girl so what was the worst that was going to happen,

“What you think?” Chloe smiled as they exited the club into the brisk cold weather

“What do I think of what?” Sophie said in confusement not quite sure what the brunette was on about

“The Moon what do you think of the moon tonight?” Chloe Smiled as she gazed at the moon, her eyes seeming to change slightly as she did,

“Its the moon Chloe....” Sophie giggled as she looked at the moon that was have covered in cloud “its white big and shiny nothing special really” Sophie finished

“What you mean nothing special!” Chloe growled as she turned to face Sophie, who looked at her in shock

“Woah Chloe no need to get touchy over the moon its pretty shite to be honest with me” Sophie giggled and didn’t expect what happened next,

“Shite is it!” Chloe growled as she moved towards Sophie pinning her against the nearest wall

“Look Chloe, I see you like the big old moon, but really you don’t know who your dealing with” Sophie said in a cool tone trying to Stop the arising vampire appear,

“Hahaha” Chloe cackled “You mean you don’t know what you dealing with!” Chloe shouted as she loosened the grip on Sophie her eyes turning into rather dog like state, “You better get running Sophie, chasing you is going to be fun....” Chloe giggled as she looked up to the moon the clouds begin to move away from it “AROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Chloe called, Sophie stood in shock as she watched Chloe changing in front of her, within a flash Sophie began to run....

“Fuck Fuck Fuck!” Sophie though as she chased through the trees running as fast as her vampire form could take her “Come come come” She could here the sounds of trees moving behind her, sticks breaking, the heavy panting of a dog “Shit!” Sophie thought, turning left darting as fast as she could in and out of the trees, “Come on” Sophie shouted as she darted past a large oak tree, the sound of panting began louder, her ears where burning she hated the fact right now that she had so good hearing cause it was causing her to panic even more, once again Sophie was darting past trees, countless number of trees, “ARRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOO!” came the sounds off the werewolf that was closing the gap by the second Sophie new it she was to fast, she had to fight or at least try to....Stopping dead in her tracks Sophie turned around heading straight for the approaching werewolf hoping to catch her off guard....

“For fuck sake!” Sian growled as she looked at the empty Shop in front of her, still no Sophie only sighs of Sophie been there, “Great” Sian huffed as she sat down on near by wall, coming close to giving in finding the brunette “Just my fucking look, her running off on me and now I cant find her!” Sian growled as she looked up to see the moon glowing brightly and the faint sounds of wolves howling, “Sophie...” Sian whispered as she darted as fast as her legs could take her just hoping she was not to late....,...

Sophie darted faster towards the sounds of panting heading as fast as she could hoping to catch Chloe off guard, “This is now or never!” Sophie whispered as she saw the approaching wolf in front of her “DIE BITCH!” Sophie shouted as she collided with Chloe smashing her hard against a tree, and darted backwards trying to escape the swipe Chloe gave, it didn’t take long for Chloe to regain her composure she shook the large impact off and charged towards Sophie, turning into blurr as she did so “Shit” Sophie growled as she jumped in the air escaping the attack Chloe tried, Chloe wasn’t giving up easily she turned around once again charging toward Sophie jumping into the air as she did so catching Sophie of guard, “Urging” Sophie moaned as she hit the floor with a thud, Chloe had managed to cause two large scratches along her back and a couple on her face, before Sophie shoved her off, casing Chloe once again to collide with a tree, “Shit” Sophie though fighting hers not working...Running not gonna work, what am I gonna do, Sophie thought as she stared at the wolf who was once again getting up “Fuck it” Sophie though as she darted off again into the dance wood , “Come on” Sophie cried as the pain in her back began to take its toll it stung like a bitch, “Fuck Fuck fuck” Sophie could hear Chloe gaining on her and there was nothing she could do about it, she was to weak to fight now, “Come please” Sophie thought as she ran past a large tree, but was cut off by Chloe who had somehow got in front of her “Shit!” Sophie thought as she tired to run the other but Chloe cut her up again, Sophie was clearly fucked she wasn’t getting away this time, no way was she gonna be able to fight her off....but she had to at least try to “This is it, I either die or die trying” Sophie thought as she charge at Chloe who did the same, within that moment Sophie slammed Chloe against the tree but was put off by the pain in her back so soon found her self on the floor been pinned to it by Chloe....she new this was it for her....she clearly had lost this fight nothing she did now was gonna save her.......She closed her eyes giving up.....

“SOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIE!” came the sound of a familiar voice, as Sian appeared at the scene within a flash, but Sian was to late....the scene before her. The werewolf was in control.....Whatever Sian tried now Sophie surely would die......


And thats it for now im mean cliffhanger I know but still :) will update tomorrow night :) maybe xD! Comments loved <3 <3 :) x

DarkNight Chapter 2

Darknight Chapter 2

Dedicated to: Gem :) and Lomi <3

Description: Flash back to how Sophie and Sian met, then to how and why Sian turned Sophie

Word Count: 2557

Rating: 16+


It was past twelve and Sophie had been walking alone for a while now after a wild party with her friends, she decide upon a walk, in a rather drunken state, she was casually walking through the park well you say casually more like staggering thorough the park, Not known she was been intently watched by a mysterious figure.

“Oh For fuck sake” Sophie slurred as she bent down to now take of her broken high-heel “Fucking pile of shit, Rosie has no clue what she’s on about, I’m gonna get her when I get back!” Sophie smiled to herself as she stood talking to the high-heel that was now in her hand, She once again began to walk on not noticing that the figure that had been watching her was still lingering around, “OH FOR FUCK SAKE!” Sophie shouted as she removed her other heel that how now also broke, “Crappy heels!” Sophie shouted as she threw them across the park “That teach you for messing with me!” Sophie shouted as the cool breeze hit her “Shit its cold out tonight” Sophie mumbled as she scooted forward, tripping on a rock as she did so “Oh god sake what now!” Sophie grumbled as she tried to pull herself up looking at the rock she had tripped over “Great just great” Sophie moaned as she looked at her torn dress, “Urgh” Sophie groaned as she tried to lift her self up but had no such look falling back down onto the floor as she did so, not noticing a blonde figure had now moved near her

“You alright there” The cool voice came

“Erm yea I’m fine clearly!” Sophie groaned as she hit the floor once again

“Ya I can see that” The blonde giggled as she helped the brunette up “So what you doing on your own at this time of night” The blonde asked curiously

“Well as you can most likely tell ive been out got drunk and well basically I fancied a walk ok” The brunette replied “and what about you what are you doing on your own at this time of not” Sophie smiled as finally made eye contact with the blonde she seemed more pale then most people but didn’t think anything of it

“Just hanging around” The blonde replied

“What at twelve at night there must be a reason” Sophie replied, As she looked intently into the blondes eyes

“Like I said hanging around” the blonde replied

“Whatever, what’s your name anyways, I feel kinda rude not knowing it” Sophie asked as she continued to walk the blonde following

“Sian the names Sian” Sian replied as she took Sophie’s hand in her own and shook it

“Well Sian I’m Sophie and its a pleasure to meet you though I must admit I don’t look the best” Sophie giggled as she pointed down to the mess she was in

“You look fine don’t worry Sophie” The blonde replied as she looked Sophie up and down

“Yea right” Sophie giggled “Any ways I best be off and all since its late” Sophie smiled as she looked at the blonde

“You can come back to mine if you want?” The blonde offered after taking a instant liking to the brunette

“Erm Sian ive only Just met you” Sophie said with some concern in her voice, But really had a urge just to go with the rather mysterious blonde “But I guess I could come for a drink and then that’s it cause people will get worried about me” Sophie admitted as she followed the blonde, who had now seemed the change direction

“Cooll then follow me this way” Sian giggled as she walked in the direction of her house, with the brunette in toe, It had been about twenty minutes since Sophie had been following Sian until eventually they came across a house “And this is where I live” Sian smiled as she pointed at a small flat with a white door

“Wow Nice” Sophie smiled as they walked to the door Sian unlocking it as they did so opening it walking in and gesturing for Sophie to follow her in,

“So want anything to drink?” Sian asked as she turned the light on and made her way to the kitchen cupboards

“Erm I think ive had enough don’t you” Sophie giggled, still feeling a bit drunk

“I Suppose” Sian smiled “We could watch TV or something” Sian smiled as she gestured to the Sofa

“Okay then” Sophie smiled as she made her way over to the sofa catching her hip on the counter which had in fact cause a cut to occur, trickles off blood soon began to appear “Ouccch” Sophie moaned as she inspected her cut “Great, Walking disaster me” Sophie giggled as she looked at Sian who had now seemed to of froze to the spot, “Sian?” Sophie whispered as she watched the blonde look at her cut and back to her eyes again, Sian was trying to keep her control she liked this girl generally did, the fresh smell of Sophie’s sweet blood was hitting her nose trying to keep control of herself was becoming a hard task now, she couldn’t help but look at the cut once again, she could here Sophie saying her names but it was become muffles as she continued trying to control herself, once again the smell of Sophie’s blood entered Sians nose, this time Sian couldn’t control herself Sophie’s blood smelt to sweet to resist and within a flash Sian had Sophie pinned against the wall her fangs now in fall Show

“Sian what the....” Sophie said in shock, As Sian moved Sophie’s hair from her neck and plunged her fangs deep into Sophie’s neck “OUCCHH!” Sophie shouted as she tried to struggle out of Sians grip but she was way to strong, Sian continued to feed of the brunette her blood was so sweet by far the best she had so far, “S...i...a....n” Sophie whispered as she began to loose consciousness, “P..” Before she had chance to finish what she was going to say, everything went black for Sophie, Sian could easily drain Sophie dry, but something hit her it felt like guilt she couldn’t do this to such a sweet brunette, Pulling away quickly she looked at the brunette in front of her

“Shit Shit Shit” Sian growled as she looked at the lifeless brunette “Why Sophie why did you have do cut yourself” Sian spoke to herself as she looked at the brunette who was barely alive, “Please let this work” Sian moaned as she sank her fangs into her wrist and put her now bleeding arm to Sophie’s mouth Hoping she would respond to the blood that was now entering her mouth, “Come on Soph” Sian cried she never had so much emotion for one human before usally she would just suck them dry and that was it but this one this one was different, “Comeeee onn” Sian growled as she tried to get Sophie to drink her blood, Nothing....Sian eventually gave up darting around her room she began to throw things around in frustration before collapsing on the floor in tears, “Why WHY WHY!” Sian cried,

“Why what?” Came a small voice, Sians head snapped up to see a fragile brunette looking at her confused, shit Sian thought please say she hasn’t please....she’s better off dead “Sian why you on the floor....and what happened to this room” Sophie said as her eyes scanned the room....She seems normal Sian thought my blood must of worked.....”Nothing I was just trying to find something...” Sian lied as she looked at the brunette for any signs....when it happened to her she was constantly hungry she needed to feed, to seal the deal....human blood had to be drank....”You alright Sophie?” Sian asked as she looked at the brunette

“Me Never been better” The brunette smiled lightly as she looked at the blonde who was still on the floor “I better get off Sian its late, my sisters gonna go ape if I don’t get back soon” Sophie smiled her wound on her neck had now healed....

“Okay, can I walk you back?” Sian smiled as she stood up making her way over to Sophie,

“Nah I think ill be okay....” Sophie smiled as she headed for the door....”Maybe we can meet again?” Sophie smiled as she made her way out the door, hunger beginning to set in.........Sian just watched the brunette leave hoping praying Sophie was not on the beginning of the change....

“God im hungry” Sophie thought as she opended the front door to her flat making her way in, not noticing her sister was sat on the sofa

“Where you been?” Rosie growled as she looked at Sophie who had now made her way over to the kitchen opening the fridge and eating things

“Im so hungry” Sophie said as she opened a pack of ham eating it, still not meeting her cravings...

“For god sake Sophie where were you I was worried sick about you” Rosie addimitted as she made her way over to the kitchen turning the light on as she did so

“Shittttttttttt” Sophie groaned as she covered her eyes the light was to much to bare, “Turn the lights off for fuck sake Rosie” Sophie groaned as she tried to hide her eyes that were now in searing pain

“Whatever...” Rosie said confused as she flicked the light off and watched Sophie continued to ignore her and stuff her face with food “I think you have had enough don’t you...” Rosie said worriedly as she watched Sophie still eating

“NO I’m so dam hungry!” Sophie moaned as she stuffed her face with more food...

“STOP A MINTE!” Rosie shouted as she ran over to her sister who had now frozen to the stop and looked at her. “You waltz in at like 3am in the morning stuffing your face with food and cant even be bothered to tell me where you were...” Rosie moaned as she looked at her sister, Sophie just looked at her....”So tell me where were you...” Rosie said once again wanting to know where the hell her sister was

“Out” Sophie replied as she looked at her sister “And look I’m sorry if I worried you” Sophie smiled as she pulled her sister into a hug...her head resting on Rosie’s shoulder, Sophie suddenly had a urge and urge to drink....

“Sophie you can let me go now...” Rosie said uneasy as she felt Sophie beginning to move her head around on her neck “Really Sophie your beginning to freak me out...” Rosie giggle slightly as she Sophie was beginning to feel the urge even more....the urge to drink that’s when it all went wrong Sophie all of a sudden lost control small fangs appeared in her mouth her eyes darkened before she sank her new found fangs deep into Rosie’s neck, and began to suck the sweet blood from her sisters neck......

“SOPHIE!” Rosie shouted as Sophie spun them around pinning Rosie against the wall still feeding from her sister , her hunger craving soon begin to go away “GET OFF ME!” Rosie shouted as Sophie put her hand over her mouth the animal in her overtaking her....

“SOPHIE!” came a shouting sound along with the smashing of the door, Sian was over to the scene before her within a flash removing the brunette from Rosie and slamming her hard against the wall,

“Sian” Sophie whispered as she looked at the blonde before her, and over to her sister who was slumped against the wall “What what’s happening to me...” Sophie said confused as she looked at the blonde again

“” Sian mumbled looking at the broken brunette this was all her fault all her fault that she was now a vampire...

“I’m what....” Sophie cried

“A Vampire...” Sian admitted as she watched Sophie s eyes widen in shock like she didn’t believe her

“No NO NO” Sophie growled as she tried to remove Sians grip from hers, “IM NOT A VAMPIRE!” Sophie shouted as she watched the blonde force her against the wall even more

“Look...” Sian said as her fangs flung out.... Sophie’s eyes widened once again as she looked at Sian her white fangs on show....

“No this cant be happening to me” Sophie cried as she looked at the knowing she hadn’t been lieing

“I can help you” The blonde admitted

“HELP me Sian I’m a vampire how can you help me, look what I’ve done” Sophie sighed as she pointed over to her sister who was slumped against the wall still alive just barely

“I know...i can help you....make it easier” the blonde looked at her....

“HOW!” Sophie shouted her anger giving her more strength then the blonde, giving her chance to push her off her “HOW CAN BEEN A VAMPIRE be any easier” Sophie continued to shout “Im better off dead!” Sophie within a flash was over in the kitchen a knife in her hand near her heart, Sians eyes widened at the brunettes admission and she also was over within a flash standing next to the brunette

“Look....” the blonde whispered “It will get easier I promise....I should know that” Sian sighed “Plus I never had anyone to help me...” She admitted as she managed to remove the knife from Sophie’s hand “Just trust me ok....” Sian smiled as she watch the brunette nod

“What about Rosie....” Sophie cried

“She’s alive....” Sian smiled “But we need to get out of here before I loose control” Sian said through gritted teeth....

“Wont wont she remember” Sophie said scared she didn’t want her sister knowing what she was and what she did

“Ill wipe her memory make her forget” Sian admitted

“Can you make her forget me Sian..” Sophie sighed tears forming in her eyes “I mean completely...” tears now rolling down her cheeks as she looked at her last remaining family before her eyes, her Mum and dad had died in car crash, Rosie had been her rock since

“If that’s what you want then yes...” Sian sighed as she looked at the Sophie

“” Sophie cried as she watched Sian walk over to Rosie doing what she had to do....Sophie new from the events of tonight....her life was never going to be the same again........



Wooo I had to go back you see so you know how she was changed :) next chapter will go back to present :)!


Darknight(one shot)

Title: Darknight(One Shot)

Description: A bit different ish :) What has Sian done to Sophie that she hates so much

Rateing: 16+

Dedicated to: Lomi :)!

Not wrote in ages :) so heres my crap fic for you lot :)



"If you wont show me ill make you" Sian grinned as she released her grip from Sophie and made her way over to the lifeless body on the table "Ohhhhh" Sian moaned as she was over next to the body in a blink of and eye, licking up the fresh blood that was now trickling down the victims neck, "Mmmmm" Sian moaned "Its taste so goood, Don’t you think" Sian grinned as she turned around to see Sophie trying to resist the urge to drink the flowing blood to "No" Sophie growled with a hitch in her throat the urge to drink was becoming overpowering now, she could smell the fresh blood it was sending her hormones wild "Fine more to my self" Sian grinned as she began to suck once again on the lifeless body’s blood "mmmmmm" Sian groaned knowing the effect she was having on Sophie “I really think you should try” Sian grinned as she watched Sophie’s fangs slip out "Ohhhhh there are those little babies awww see you have got them" Sian grinned as she moved fast back to Sophie pining her heard against the wall stroking the now white gleaming fangs of Sophie’s, "Want to try?" Sian grinned her mouth still full of blood "No" Sophie growled as she forced Sian hard against the the wall on the opposite side of the room "leave me alone" Sophie growled her fangs in full show "Ooooh so you do have a bad side" Sian grinned as Sophie’s eyes flicked with rage "urghhh!" Sophie growled the smell of the fresh blood entering her nose, "Hungry?" Sian asked starring into Sophie’s eyes she could see all the emotions under the sun within the blue eyes of hers fright,lust,hunger rage, but most of all pure willpower "back of Sian" Sophie growled as she forced the blonde harder against the wall "Babe we both know I’m older then you" Sian retorted back "Making me" Sian continued removing Sophie’s arms from hers and once again turning Sophie around so she was now in control "A lot stronger then you" Sian smirked liking the fact she had the control “So where were we” Sian grinned as she saw Sophie loosing the will to not drink “Oh I remember we were having a snack right?” Sian smiled as she pointed to the lifeless body on the table, “So you gonna join me or am I having this little snack to my self” Sian grinned as she once again left Sophie’s side to feed on the body, “What’s her name?” Sophie asked out of the blue “What?” Sian looked up in confusement stopping her fed “I said what’s her name?” Sophie asked again moving closer to the body, “Erm......Lomi why?” Sian replied generally, “Lomi....” Sophie whispered “I’m So sorry” Sophie said tears threatening to fall “Oh god” Sian grumbled as she watched the young vampire now close to tears “Why must you do this?” Sian moaned “Do what...” Sophie replied tears now freshly falling down her face “Get all emotional, its puts me right off” Sian groaned as she pulled away from the body sitting herself down “Well not all of us are heartless killers like you” Sophie snapped back her fangs still out “Whatever, got to do what I got to do to survive I say” Sian replied.....A long silence descended upon the room “Why me?” Sophie asked again another question right out of the blue “Huh?” Sian replied looking up the young brunette “I said why me...” Sophie looked up two looking deep into the blondes eyes “I don’t know” Sian replied honestly shrugging her shoulders “What you mean you don’t know there must have been a reason” Sophie retorted anger clear in her voice “Well like I said I don’t know, guess I was bored?” Sian replied, but soon regretted what she had said “WHAT YOU MEAN BORED!” Sophie shouted as she stood up and glared deep into Sians eyes, knowing even if she tried to do anything Sian was much stronger then here “I dunno, I guess I was bored, alone and had nothing better to do?” Sian replied “Right so you go for me thanks...” Sophie sighed “Thanks for wrecking my life bitch” Sophie growled “I’m sorry” Sian mumbled “What?” Sophie replied she did in fact here her cause well her hearing was immaculate now but she had to here those words come out of Sians mouth again “Look I’m sorry for what ive done, I was so alone I had no one Sophie, you just were so great to me and well I never felt so wanted in my life” Sian admitted as she looked at the brunette who’s face seemed to be softening now “But why turn me Sian” Sophie asked still trying to figure out why the blonde had to turn her “Cause I didn’t want to loose you” Sian mumbled under her breath loud enough for Sophie to hear, “Look ill get rid of lomi, I can convince her that she got bit by a dog...does that help” Sian asked trying to win Sophie back over she couldn’t loose the one thing she had become so close to, Sophie looked over at Sian this was the first time she had looked So helpless to the brunette, “Urgh doesn’t help the fact that I’m blooddy starving does it” Sophie admitted as she could see the blood still slowly trickling from the wound she could so easily suck the body dry right now but still resisted the urge to, “I can help you with that, but you might not like it” Sian admitted, “No Sian ive told you I’m not, I cant..” Sophie stood in the room looking at the body back to Sian “Its....” “Look you wont have to just close your eyes, and trust me ok?” Sian said softly to the brunette “Trust you Sian I did and look how ever ended up” Sophie said pointing to her fangs “I mean it Soph, do you want to starve..” Sian looked deep into the brunettes eyes “Fine...” Sophie finally caved in her hunger taking over, “Right, You got to trust me with this ok?” Sian asked again getting a nod from Sophie, Sian made her way slowly over to the lifeless body, taking in a small amount of blood into her mouth before walking slowly over to Sophie, “Right you ready?” Sian asked softly “Ye...” Sophie sighed as she waited to see what Sian had now got up her sleeve “Here goes nothing” Sian thought to herself as she leaned into Sophie, kissing her softly on the lips before then entering her tongue into Sophie s mouth to allow her to take the blood from her mouth, Sophie at first responded to the blondes gesture, sucking gently on Sians tongue savouring the taste of Sians mouth and blood, but soon snapped out off what she was doing shoving Sian hard off her “What the hell” Sophie said in shock her fangs fully out from the taste of the blood her eyes full of shock “I was just trying to help, and I know you don’t like feeding yourself, so I thought I would help” Sian rambled as she looked at the brunette in the eyes, “and now I know it was a mistake” Sian said softly as she looked away from the brunette, she kinda liked the fact that she was kissing Sophie....Sophie sat in silence to which felt like forever to Sian, the urge to drink was taking over her the blood that was savoured in her mouth was making all her vampire instincts come to surface, “oh god” Sophie thought as she stared from the blonde to the body lieing on the table, her eyes full of desire.....”Soph” Sian whispered noticing the sudden change in the brunettes temperament she could tell from a mile off that Sophie needed more blood...”What’s happening to me!” Sophie shouted as she looked over to the blonde “The desire to drink...” Sian admitted “Make it go away please make it go away” Sophie repeated as she tried to make all thoughts of the taste of blood leave her mind but was having no such look, “Soph, just breath well not literally cause your dead but you know calm down a bit” Sian said softly as the brunettes head shot up her face not readable “URGH!” Sophie growled as her fangs full extended, and she made a dash from the body but was stopped by the blonde, “NO!” Sian shouted, “Your not like me a heartless killer” Sian said softly as she held back the brunette from lomis body “I need to fed Sian, I need this pain, this urge to go away!” Sophie growled through gritted teeth “Please Sian, I need to, just let me!” Sophie shouted as she tried to struggle out the older vampires grip but basically had no chance, so instead opted for other tactics by shoving her tongue deep into Sians mouth knowing there was still lingers of blood left within the blondes mouth “Mmmm” Sophie groaned as She began to suck hard onto the blondes tongue her fangs grazing Sians lip slightly, Sian at first was shocked by the brunettes movement but soon got into the rhythm as there tongues danced together in what seemed like an eternity, they both pulled apart “Better?” Sian asked the brunette who simply shook her head, “Why why do I still feel this urge” Sophie asked Sian, “Well you haven’t drank much since ive turned you, and well it all comes with the control once you learn how to control the urge it gets better” Sian admitted, knowing the pain Sophie was going through, She looked back down at the lifeless body slowly taking blood into her mouth again “Ill help you through it Ok” Sian said softly as she watched Sophie’s eyes widen at the smell of the fresh blood in her mouth “Just trust me ok...” Sophie merely nodded before once again her tongue got lost in Sians mouth taking in as much blood as she could possibly get, “Mmmmmm” Sophie moaned licking the trickle of blood from her lip “Better?” Sian asked softly as she watched the brunette nod slightly, but was taken aback by what happened next, Sophie moved forward again kissing the blonde lightly pecking at her lips “Soph” Sian whispered, knowing that Sophie had all ready had the blood from her mouth “Shssss” Sophie replied before kissing Sian slowly it didn’t take long for them to get lost in heated kiss, there fangs rubbing against each other there tongues dancing together, “Did anyone ever tell you for a 134year old vampire your pretty hot” Sophie giggled as she pulled away from the kiss “Did anyone ever tell you, that even as a vampire you as cheeky as ever” Sian replied as she tapped Sian lightly on the arm “Well, I can be a lot cheekier, if you get what I mean” Sophie winked before smiling devilishly at Sian completely forgetting about her hunger to feed “Oh aye well you wanna show me how cheeky” Sian replied, before both girls were once again kissing passionately....completely forgetting about the horror of the world they were in for one night.......................


Woop shitty one shot :) may add a second part for the smexy time if wanted :), depends if you guys like this <3


Break down :) one shot
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Snow (One shot)
Title: Snow
Description: Jack, Sophie and Sian on a snow day J
Rating: 16 some swearing
Word count: 3664
Dedicated to: Mayhemzy J

“Snow,  Snow, Snow!” Sophie thought to herself as she walked down the stairs into the living room, to see little jack sat down on the sofa , “You ok jack?” Sophie asked politely as she made her way into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of orange juice
“Soooooooooooophie!” Jack screamed as he noticed his older sister had made her way into the kitchen “THERES SNOW OUTSIDE!! CAN WE GO PLAY IN IT PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?” Jack asked Happily as he jumped of the sofa and ran over to where Sophie was
“Ermmmm” Sophie thought for a second, all she heard for the past twenty minutes was snow this snow that from her girlfriend who was laying around in bed, right now she really could not be bothered to go outside in the freezing cold snow, even if Sian and jack begged her two “How about you go ask Sian eh?” Sophie smiled as she pointed at the stairs causing jack to run towards them
“SIAN SIAN SIAN SIAN SIAN SIAN!!” Jack chanted as he ran upstairs in search of Sian, Sophie smiled to herself hoping her plan not to get cold today was going to work, or so she thought
“SIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN” Jack shouted as he ran down the hallway , and ran straight towards Sophie’s bedroom knowing where she would be “SIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” Jack shouted again as he ran into the bedroom flinging open the door to see Sian on the bed supposedly asleep “Get up Sian get up!” jack said happily as he ran over to the bed jumping up and down on it as he did so
“Huuuuuh?” Sian mummerd as she rolled over to see jack crazily hoping up and down on the bed “What are you doing in here little guy shouldn’t you be down stairs with Sophie?” Sian quizzed as she watched the young lad stop in his jacks and kneel down near Sian
“SNOW SNOW SNOW!” Jack shouted again as he once again began his movements at jumping up and down on the bed
“Hmmmmm so I saw!” Sian giggled as she saw it earlier when she popped to the toilet earlier, and then harassing Sophie about it, until Sophie had enough about hearing about it and going downstairs to supposedly make her self a drink
“Can we go play in it pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee?!” Jack asked happily he seemed to be rather impressed that it snowed
“Go ask Sophie?” Sian giggled even though she herself really wanted to go and play in the snow she knew Sophie hated it, “Sian its for kids!” She would always say
“Sophie told me to ask you!” jack smiled as he began to play with blondes hair
“Well Okaaaayy then we can go play in the snow” Sian giggled knowing full well she wanted to make a snow man just as much as jack did, just one person left to convince her girlfriend “Right how about you go downstairs get your coat on, gloves on and those lovely little boots of yours well I get dressed ok?” Sian smiled as she watched the little lad just nod his head A lot, and jump of the bed running towards the door, Sian counted help the smile that spread across her face she really loved kids
“YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!” Jack screamed as she made his way rather fast may I say down the stairs and towards the door
“Someone seems happy!” Sophie giggled as she watched Jack shove on his coat, boots, and gloves
“Yea Sians taking me out in the snow!” jack beamed as he ran over to his older sister who was now sat on the sofa
“Is she now, well I hope you twos have a good time!” Sophie smiled warmly
“Can you come pleaaaaaaaaaase?” Jack smiled at Sophie who just shook her head in response
“Nah ill think ill sit this one out!” Sophie giggled as she watched jack pull a sad face
“Plllllllllllleaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeee?” Jack begged “Ill do anything!” Jack added
“Anything you say?” Sophie giggled playing along with the four year old
“Anythings!” he answered
“Well Sorry little man I don’t think anything in the world will make me go out there today its to darn cold, and you know your sister hates the cold!” Sophie smiled warmly as jack face saddened
“Dawwwwwww” jack groaned as Sian made her way down the stairs
“You all set jack?” Sian smiled as she made her way over to the sofa, smiling at Sophie as she did so
“YESSSSSSSSS!” Jack said rather to excitedly
“Well let me just get my coat and wellies on” Sian smiled “You just go wait bye the door for me please?” Sian smiled as Jack practically ran like a cheetah after its prey to the door “Babe” Sian said softly as she sat down next to her girlfriend entwining her hand with Sophie’s
“No” Sophie said knowing what Sian was going to ask her
“Please?” Sian said warmly “For me?” She pouted knowing the best ways to pull on Sophie’s strings
“No Sian I’m not going out there you know I hate the cold!” Sophie said sternly as her girlfriend pulled a face that Sophie was trying her best to resist
“Pleasee?” Sian begged
“No Sian and that’s finally nothing going to make me go out there….Nothing ok!” Sophie huffed as she crossed her arms across her chest in a defensive manor
“Fine” Sian said clearly upset “Be that way” Sian finished
“Sian don’t be in a mood with me” Sophie said sadly as she watched her girlfriend stand up and put her coat on, wrapping her scarf around her neck as she did so
“Whatever Sophie I only wanted to spend some quality time with my girlfriend since we don’t get a lot lately cause of your new job” Sian said sadly tears appearing in her eyes, which Sophie’s saw right away and stood up to touch her girlfriend but Sian pulled back “See you later yea?” Sian said as she pulled her boots on and made her way to the door letting the rather wild jack out and slamming the door behind her
“Sian……” Sophie whispered as she held onto her stomach, tears began to fall down her cheeks, Sophie sat back down on the sofa and thought about what Sian said……
    “Loook Sian LOOOOK!” Jack smiled as he put sticks into the snowman to act as arms, thought I may say they didn’t really look like arms and if a dog was to walk past them it would think it was some kind of toy they could play and chew with
“Dawww his amazing!” Sian smiled warmly at the lad, failing to stop the tears trickling down her face, from both happiness and sadness, she missed her girlfriend but lately she had just been pushing her away….
“Sian don’t cry!” jack said worriedly as he ran over to the blonde enveloping her into a hug “Santa will look after our snow man!” He smiled as he turned around to see his master piece
“I know he will jack I know he will” Sian said softly as she tried to wipe away the tears
“Can I go play at Hopes please?” Jack said happily, Hope had since grown into a rather good lucking lass, and her father stape was finally sent down for what he did, though she was told that he was just away
“Of course you can little man” Sian replied happily as she watched the small Webster run over to the stapes and knock happily on the door waiting for hope, when she saw he had gone in she smiled and sat down on the wall thinking,
“Hey….” Came the soft voice behind her
“Hey…” Sian replied back not daring to turn around to see who was behind her though she knew she didn’t wanna seem like she was upset
“Can I sit here?” Sophie asked softly as she pointed at the space next to the wall
“It’s a free country soph” Sian snapped, not that she meant to
“Look Sian” Sophie said softly as she tried to clasp Sian’s hand in hers without much success “I’m sorry” Sophie said sadly as a tear trickled down her face, she hated seen Sian upset and angry with her it really hurt her
“I’m sorry, that’s what you always say I’m sorry, maybe this time its not enough….” Sian said sadly as she turned to face the brunette and saw pure sadness in her eyes
“Are….are….you….breaking up with me?” Sophie choked back the tears
“I don’t know Sophie, I don’t know what’s been going on with you lately” Sian said sadly as she got up from the wall and made her way towards the park
“Where you going?” Sophie cried as the tears finally fell
“For a walk….” Sian replied “coming..?” Sian said as she turned around to see Sophie shuffle up behind her and follow to, “I’ve missed this…..” Sian sighed as they made there way thought the snow covered park
“Me two…..” Sophie replied softly as she once again held her stomach
“I love you, you know that….” Sian said softly as she turned around to see the brunette who seemed to be on the verge of crying again
“I love you two…” Sophie said bursting into tears “I’m so sorry Sian” Sophie cried as the blonde looked at her girlfriend in confusement
“What for?” Sian looked on wondering
“For been so cold with you I don’t mean to its my work I get so stressed I want to do well, I don’t meant to block you out, I love you for Christ sake” Sophie practically shouted and if anyone was in the park well lets say they would know her love for Sian right now
“Sophie if anything ever gets to tough for you again just come to me ok…” Sian whispered as she looked upon her tearful brunette girlfriend, who just nodded in agreement
“I’m sorry….” Sophie whispered again…..
“Shut up and kiss me” Sian replied as she pulled Sophie in for a kiss, it started out as a soft tender kiss but soon began more passionate, both girls were battling each other for dominance, the snow was once again falling drifting slowly down as both girls continued to kiss, until air was needed
“I love you….” Sophie said breathless as she looked at her blonde girlfriend
“I love you two Sophie” Sian responded as she entwined her fingers with Sophie’s “Now lets get back cause I’m dam cold” Sian giggled as she gave her girlfriend a quick peck on the lips,  Sophie and Sian were making there way hand in hand back to the Webster house, the snow was drifting slowly down, you could just about make out trees and benches around
“Shiiiiiit!” Sophie shouted as she slipped on patch of ice and fell on her arse whacking her head as she did so “Arggghh” Sophie groaned as she rubbed the back of her head trying to make the pain go away, Sian couldn’t help but giggle at her girlfriend who was flat on her ass on the floor “Its not funny Sian, now you know why I hate this darn snow and stupidly cold weather” Sophie continued moan rubbing her head still, not noticing she was bleeding, which Sian soon caught on to when she saw the snow appear to be going red, she soon stopped her laughing and became very concerned for her girlfriend
“Sophie….” Sian said softly as she kneeled down next to her half out of conscious girlfriend she seemed to be still dazed from the fall
“Mmmmhhh” Sophie replied still rubbing her head, still not knowing it was bleeding
“Baby stop that” Sian said softly as she moved Sophie’s hand away from the back of her head, so she could see the damage she had done
“What I’m fine now go we go now please….” Sophie groaned as she tried to stand up but slipped back down onto her bum again
“Sit still will you….” Sian said concerned as she tried to inspect the damage on the back of her girlfriends head “You cut your head Sophie” Sian said as she looked at the brunette who seemed to be going pale in the face
“Oh I’m fine its only a graze now can we go please” Sophie said softly as she stood up with a lot of help from Sian whiched Worried her a lot
“Don’t you think we should get you down the doctors you know to be on the safe side?” Sian asked softly but the brunette seemed to be ignoring her and just seemed determined just to be getting home
“No no no I’m fine I’ve done worse then this before, only a bit of blood wont do no harm” Sophie smiled as she pulled her girlfriend along with her, though she really didn’t feel well she didn’t want to worry her girlfriend
“Well if you sure….” Sian asked again though she really wanted to take her girlfriend down to the doctors, but she knew how stubborn Sophie could be
“I’m fine not stop worrying about me, now can we get back so I can get warm again” Sophie giggled as they walked towards the Webster’s
“Fine” Sian giggled as she followed the young brunette still not convinced that Sophie was okay
       “Finally!” Sophie smiled as she entered the Webster’s house taking her scarf and coat of as she did so, Sian doing the same, Sophie made her way slowly over to the kitchen now looking as strong as she should,
“Babe how about you go get some rest yea?” Sian said softly as she wrapped her arms around Sophie’s waist, pulling her close taking in her scent that drove her hormones crazy
“Hmmm” Sophie grumbled as she rubbed her temple
“Look Sophie you really don’t look right….” Sian said softly as she turned the brunette around to look at her
“I’m fine Sian stop worrying its just a little headache that’s all, and the bleedings stopped so what could be so bad” Sophie smiled at Sian who still seemed to be very concerned about her girlfriend
“If you say so…” Sian smiled as she watched her girlfriend make her way over to the sofa and lie on it

4 Hours later
 Sian was sat in the kitchen watching over to Sophie who still seemed to be fast asleep she had been like that for a couple of Hours now, Sian decided it was best that she woke her to see if she needed anything
“Sophie…” Sian said but the brunette didn’t reply, So Sian decided she must be in some deep sleep so made her way over to the sofa to wake her  “Sophie baby” Sian said softly as she kneeled down next to the Sofa, “Sophie for god sake” Sian said annoyed that her girlfriend wasn’t responding to her, “SOPHIE!” Sian shouted as she shook her girlfriend but nothing…..”Sophie…..” Sian repeated her movement again panic setting in this time, “Sophie..” Once again repeating her movement but nothing “Oh god oh god oh god” Sian repeated as the tears began to form in her eyes and pure panic set in “Shit shit shit” Sian shouted as she ran her hand through her hair “Come on Sophie” Sian cried as she lightly shook her girlfriend who, still wasn’t responding until Sian noticed a small amount of movement from her girlfriend “Sophie?” Sian said hopeful as she noticed Sophie coming around more,
“What Sian” Sophie huffed as she rolled over, Pain shooting though her head “Oucchh ouccch” Sophie tried not to cry in front of Sian she really didn’t want to have to go down the doctors
“Sophie were going down the doctors now…..” Sian said sternly as she rubbed her girlfriends arm up and down
“Hmmppphhhh” Sophie sighed as she seemed to be falling back out of consciousness “I’m fine…” Sophie breathed as she opened her eyes and saw a concerned blonde looking at her “See fine” Sophie smiled as she lifted her hand up to stroke the blondes cheek
“Sophie please, can I take you down, your took ages to respond to me, like I called you over and over you didn’t respond” Sian was really worried
“Oh Sian don’t be stupid I’m sure you I was awake” Sophie smiled at her girlfriend who’s face was still full of concern “I’ve probably got some concussion
 or something its fine” Sophie smiled as her vision was going rather blurry “Its fine, most likely the baby messing with my body anyways” Sophie giggled,
“What?” Sian said in shock “Baby?” Sian mouth was open now
“Yea baby you know the cute little things, that eventually turn into a little shit like Jack” Sophie chuckled clearly not with it
“Yes Sophie I know what a flaming baby is” Sian retorted , “But baby what are you on about Sophie?” Sian said confused as she looked at the brunette who seemed to suddenly realise that she just let slip something she shouldn’t of
“Erm Noting” Sophie whispered as she looked deep into the blondes eyes trying to read them
“Nothing what do you mean nothing….” Sian said angrily “What Baby Sophie and DON’T lie to me” Sian sighed as she was once again back to the start with her girlfriend
“Fine Sian you want the truth…..” Sophie was now feeling a bit better so sat up  “The truth is, I knew how DAM much you love kids, well I thought I would make your dream come true….you know to start a family, but obviously by the look in your eyes you think I’m some cheating whore who fucks a random guy and got pregnant by mistake well Sian ill tell you now I DIDN’T okay, I did it for us, for you! But obviously it was a mistake” Sophie shouted as she looked at the blonde in disbelieve and stood up from the sofa making her way towards the door, not even bothering to put her coat on
“Soph….” Sian whispered trying to take in what Sophie had just said to her “Your pregnant…..” Sian whispered as the brunette stopped at the door frozen to the spot
“Yes….not that you care and now you know why I was so cold ok, I was trying to make a family happen for us but looks like its not going to anymore…” Sophie said sadly as the tears built up I her eyes opening the door ready to leave but was stop by a blonde in front of her
“Don’t you fucking dare leave me after telling me your pregnant” Sian shouted as she pushed the door shut
“Get out of my way Sian” Sophie whispered her head was hurting again, she really wasn’t in the mood to argue not now
“Sophie….” Sian whispered lightly “I love you so much. Please don’t go out on me now” Sian cried as reality took hold “
“Do you want this child Sian?” Sophie asked hopeful her head pounding she wanted everyone to shut up
“Of course I do what made you think I didn’t!” Sian cried
“The look in your eyes when you found out….” Sophie said tearfully
“Sophie it was just a shock, of course I want this, of course I do!” Sian smile lightly as she watched the brunettes face turn into a smile
“I love you Sian” Sophie whispered lightly “
“I love you two Sophie” Sian smiled “Both of you” She moved towards the brunette placing her hand on her stomach and kissing her lightly
“Sian” Sophie whispered as Sian pulled away
“Yea?” Sian smiled
“Did I tell you I hate the snow” Sophie giggled as she leaned in a pecked her girlfriends lips again
“I think you did” Sian giggled knowing that it was her fault that she spoilt the surprise that was most likely going to be for Christmas
“My head hurts” Sophie giggled as she rubbed the back of her head
“I should think it would the way you went down” Sian giggled remembering the moment
“Oi you what you trying to say!” Sophie said shocked as she looked at her girlfriend
“Nothing other then you’re the best girlfriend I could ever hope for!” Sian smiled as Sophie leaned in and captured her lips again this time in a much more heated kiss, Sophie pushed Sian hard against the door
“Mmmmmm” Sian moaned as she felt Sophie’s lips leave hers and come into contact with her neck “I’ve missed this” Sian groaned as she felt Sophie’s hands begin to wonder down her body
“Me two” Sophie smiled as she tried to unbutton Sian’s jeans
“Babe” Sian said softly though she was super turned on and would have Sophie there and then, they had to Stop jack would be back any minute as well as Rosie “Not now” Sian smiled trying to resist the pout Sophie pulled “Daww babe don’t do that you know I find it hard to resist when you do” Sian giggled as she leaned in and pecked her lips
“Haahaha, later Miss powers you are going to be mine!” Sophie smiled as she slapped her girlfriend playfully on her arm and ran over towards the sofa sitting down on it as she did so causing Sian to smile watching her girlfriend as she did so
“I love you Sophie” Sian whispered to herself
“I love you two” Sophie replied, Sian stood shocked at how good her girlfriend hearing really was, all Sian knew was that today was the best day of her life and start of a long future ahead……

Wooop another one shot J had to do one before I go down Manchester tomorrow corrie tomorrow should be gooooooooood
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Baby I love you~
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